If you would like to apply for membership at Elmhurst Swim Club, you must request two current members of the club to sponsor you. These sponsors – a prime sponsor and a co-sponsor – can not be members of the same household and must be members of the club for at least one year.

Requests for applications must be made by the prime sponsor to the membership secretary. Once the application materials are received, the prime sponsor is responsible for assisting the applicant with the materials and for returning them to the membership secretary. The required materials include:

  • Application for membership, completed by the applicant and signed by the sponsors
  • Letters of recommendation, written by both sponsors

The applicant will then be placed on the waiting list according to the date that all materials have been received by the membership secretary.

Cost of Membership

Each new member family at Elmhurst will be assessed a one-time, non-refundable initiation fee for the father and mother of the family. The fee is $350 per individual ($700 if both parents join).

There are several membership classes at Elmhurst, each with annual dues:

  • Adult (15 years old and up) – $130
  • Junior (11 to 14 years old) – $115
  • Child (1 to 10 years old) – $110
  • Infant (less than 1 year old) – free

A member will change from one class to another for the entire season if their birthday falls before Labor Day. For example: a member turning 15 in August will be considered 15 for the entire summer. Also, an infant born before Labor Day will have that summer as their free summer; an infant born after Labor Day will have the following summer as their free summer. The Board of Directors may change the amount of any dues or fees as needed.

Guest Passes

Local Guests – Passes for local guests must be purchased in increments of 5 punches for $50 or 10 punches for $100. They can be purchased online at any time throughout the summer. Members are strongly encouraged to purchase their guest passes at the time dues are paid.

Please note: Unused punches on guest cards can be carried over to the next summer but not beyond. Guest cards will be given to the members who ask for them at the sign-in table. Members are responsible for their pass. No guests will be admitted without the member’s guest pass. For complete details on guests and passes, please see the policies listed below Guest and party policy

Out-of-Town Guests – Out-of-town, overnight houseguests are non-members whose principal residence is outside of Washington County and who are overnight guests of a member. They may use the pool at no cost for 2 weeks.

Temporary Members – Out-of-town, overnight houseguests (as defined above) that would like to use the pool for longer than 2 weeks, must purchase a temporary membership for $35 per month.

Babysitter Pass – Babysitters who are non-members and are accompanying child or junior members to the pool may be allowed if the family employing them has purchased a 2022 Babysitter Pass. The passes are not available for purchase online; please download a Babysitter Pass

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